How to celebrate a birthday in lockdown/ at home…

For those whose birthdays have fallen in lockdown this year, thinking of ways to make the day special can be difficult. This was the case last week when my dad turned 60 at the end of April. We had originally planned a day out and to celebrate with friends, however we had to improvise and think of ways to celebrate at home, just the four of us. We had a really nice day in the end, full of good food, games and we watched a film in the evening. With my birthday approaching in a couple of weeks and for the sake of my fellow Taurians who have had their birthday plans crushed, or for those who are wanting to make the day special for someone else, I have thought of a few more ways to have a special day from the comfort of your own home.

FOOD, glorious FOOOD

In my house especially, food can make or break a day. Whether its lockdown or not, we always make a birthday cake, which is always greatly appreciated by my family of cake lovers and never lasts more than a couple days. Baking a cake is fun to do and a good way to pass the time in lockdown. Breakfast in bed, a makeshift afternoon tea party, or a takeaway for dinner are some small examples that will make a big difference when spending the day at home.


Day 66 of wearing sweatpants…….. oh wait a minute! The time has finally come where there is a reason to get dressed up again, even if it is for a day in the house. Finally, an occasion to wear the clothes you have bought online during lockdown. The feeling of getting dressed up (now a distant memory) will make the day feel more special.


Get outside and go for a walk or a bike ride with your family. Whether you’re in the city or the country, explore the area that you live in while the streets are empty and the sun is shining!


Wish you were celebrating with a cocktail in your hand this birthday? Why not recreate your favourite drinks from home – get the ingredients to make your desired celebratory drink and enjoy it in your new backdoor beer garden.


Getting a game out is a great way to have a laugh and get the family together (or break the family apart if it’s Monopoly). We’ve been playing domino’s during lockdown, which has even become intense due to the competitiveness of certain players…   


Notice that this may be one of few birthdays where the majority of people you would like to celebrate with will be available all day for a catch up over FaceTime or Zoom. You could have a group call with all your friends – do a quiz, play a game and have a drink together.


While we have a lot, A LOT, of free time in quarantine, you could celebrate in the evening by watching a film you’ve been wanting to watch for ages or re-watching an old favourite. In our house, we enjoy getting the old camcorder out and watching old home films from when we were little.


Have a pamper night in and bring the spa to you. Have a soak in the bath, put on a facemask, do your nails, relax! If you haven’t had enough of relaxing already after 6 weeks of it.

Though this may not be the birthday you had hoped or planned for, it will definitely be one that you won’t forget!

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