Will Covid-19 lead to a reform of the education system?

With exams cancelled, the future of face to face teaching at universities in doubt and the expected return to primary school for some children; the effects on education imposed by the coronavirus have been extremely disruptive. The education system has been hit hard by Covid-19, at all levels there are have been unprecedented disruptions, effectingContinue reading “Will Covid-19 lead to a reform of the education system?”

VE Day: celebrating peace in Britain during a pandemic

Today marked the 75th anniversary of ‘Victory in Europe’, celebrating the end of war between Britain and Germany. Despite the national VE Day commemorations having been called off due to the current social distancing situation, many streets across the country still celebrated together in traditional VE Day fashion. The 8th May 1945 was an emotionalContinue reading “VE Day: celebrating peace in Britain during a pandemic”

Is the coronavirus saving the planet?

Since the beginning of the global coronavirus lockdown, the natural world has blossomed in the absence of people and industry. While a third of the world’s population are confined to their homes and economic activity has been paused, carbon emissions have reduced to unthinkably low levels. However, before celebrating this reduction in emissions, it isContinue reading “Is the coronavirus saving the planet?”