Making the grade

‘Your application has been unsuccessful’ were the words I read at 8AM on my UCAS letter, after being rejected from the University of Sheffield. I was heartbroken. Two years of A-Level struggle had been fruitless and I was rejected from my first choice university. I was confused. I had been predicted grades good enough toContinue reading “Making the grade”

My week as a student in lockdown

From my birthday to online mock exams, my first day back at work and my thoughts on Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’, this is how my week went… Monday – my birthday. On Monday I turned 19 and celebrated by going on a (socially distant) walk with my friend and by eating pizza. I opened myContinue reading “My week as a student in lockdown”

How to celebrate a birthday in lockdown/ at home…

For those whose birthdays have fallen in lockdown this year, thinking of ways to make the day special can be difficult. This was the case last week when my dad turned 60 at the end of April. We had originally planned a day out and to celebrate with friends, however we had to improvise andContinue reading “How to celebrate a birthday in lockdown/ at home…”

A look at life after lockdown

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement that we have surpassed the peak of the coronavirus and as talks of implementing an ‘exit strategy’ are dominating the headlines, I have been thinking more about life after lockdown. For the past 6 weeks, my attention has been on getting through lockdown, planning ways to keep myself entertained and doingContinue reading “A look at life after lockdown”

10 things I wish I had known before moving to university…

I have just finished my first year at the University of Sheffield and though my time has been cut short by Covid-19, I still feel that I have had an amazing and unforgettable experience. These are just a few things that would have calmed my nerves and would have been useful to know before movingContinue reading “10 things I wish I had known before moving to university…”