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Extinction Rebellion: a necessary nuisance?

Extinction Rebellion are a nonviolent organisation who aim to persuade the government to take action on the climate and ecological emergency. They recently made headlines for blocking access to Rupert Murdoch’s printing presses and delaying the distribution of many nationwide newspapers. Extinction Rebellion’s actions were motivated by the failure of papers like the Sun, theContinue reading “Extinction Rebellion: a necessary nuisance?”


The blame game

From Monday 14th onwards, the number of people allowed to gather indoors or outdoors in England is to be reduced from thirty to six. This decision comes after a surge in Coronavirus infections in young people and the looming threat of universities reopening. A blame culture has emerged with young people at the centre. ItContinue reading “The blame game”

Clenton Farquharson MBE: A Conversation for Today

Imagine that life is a game of monopoly. In the game, the white players begin playing three days before the black players do. In addition to having a head start, the white players already possess the properties, wealth, resources and decision making abilities to succeed in the game. The difference between the players, is power.Continue reading “Clenton Farquharson MBE: A Conversation for Today”

Boohoo: a crying shame for Leicester

After a spike in coronavirus cases, Leicester was forced back into lockdown; facing travel restrictions and unable to reopen pubs and restaurants on the 4th July. It is no coincidence that Leicester is also home to 1000 garment factories, some of which are genuine, though some are extremely exploitative and have ignored government Covid-19 instructions.Continue reading “Boohoo: a crying shame for Leicester”

How the fashion industry have commercialised black culture

In tribute to George Floyd, prominent brands among the fashion industry took to social media to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement on ‘#blackouttuesday’. However, critics fear that this display of solidarity was merely lip service. The fashion industry does not have the best reputation for encouraging diversity or for being representativeContinue reading “How the fashion industry have commercialised black culture”

Will Covid-19 lead to a reform of the education system?

With exams cancelled, the future of face to face teaching at universities in doubt and the expected return to primary school for some children; the effects on education imposed by the coronavirus have been extremely disruptive. The education system has been hit hard by Covid-19, at all levels there are have been unprecedented disruptions, effectingContinue reading “Will Covid-19 lead to a reform of the education system?”

The real price of your clothes

The majority of our clothes undergo a morally and environmentally unethical lifespan, right from their production, until we decide we don’t want them anymore. The lifecycle of clothes goes unquestioned, and operates suspiciously under the radar. When we’re shopping, why is that that we never stop to question where our clothes have come from andContinue reading “The real price of your clothes”

Is the coronavirus saving the planet?

Since the beginning of the global coronavirus lockdown, the natural world has blossomed in the absence of people and industry. While a third of the world’s population are confined to their homes and economic activity has been paused, carbon emissions have reduced to unthinkably low levels. However, before celebrating this reduction in emissions, it isContinue reading “Is the coronavirus saving the planet?”

An independent media? Can we believe what we read?

Democracy requires a media system that provides people with a wide range of opinions and reflects the diversity of citizens, promoting public accountability of the government and the powerful elite. Edward Herman highlighted vital characteristics of a democratic media; “A democratic media would be organized and controlled by ordinary citizens or their grass roots organisations….AsContinue reading “An independent media? Can we believe what we read?”

Confronting British History

Due to the recent protests, awareness of systematic racism has highlighted the discriminative ways in which black people are treated in society and portrayed in British culture. Racist TV programmes like ‘Little Britain’ and statues like Edward Colston for example, which for a long time have gone unchallenged, now face scrutiny. The focus going forwardContinue reading “Confronting British History”

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